Journal Articles

While activist, alternative, and community media remain a touchstone for my research, I frequently write about mainstream media and popular culture. Most recently, I have turned my attention to the relationship between material and discursive practice in the social construction of drone technology.

Below you can review some of my work in academic journals. For details regarding my book publications, click here.

Activist & Community Media

Community Media Studies: An Overview

Radiocracy Rulz: Microradio as Electronic Activism

Unmanned: Brave New Films’ Screen Intervention into America’s Drone Wars


Drone Warfare: Twenty-first Century Empire & Communications

“I Have a Drone”: Internet Memes & The Politics of Culture

Loose Cannons: Or the Silent Debate on Drones

Film & Popular Culture

Breaking, Making, and Killing Time in Pulp Fiction

“It’s Almost Got So You Can’t Speak th’ Truth without Committin’ an Indiscretion”

Spooks, Spies, and Control Technologies in The X-Files


Democracy Now! Decolonizing US News Media

A Poverty of Voices: Street Papers as Communicative Democracy

Talking About Public Affairs Programming: WFHB & the Legacy of Listener-Sponsored Radio